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Development Plan

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Abstract of Statement of Reasons for Development Plan:

Basis for Plan and Objectives

The most important foundation for the commercial park development plan in Waldlaubersheim is the interpretation of all relevant laws and ordinances and their proportions in relation to the special situation to guarantee development as regards an urban development plan that is legally binding for everyone. An essential requirement is that all those involved have input into the planning, i.e., citizens, political representatives and special committees, the administration and the individual municipal authorities.

Objectives of the plan set within urban development parameters:

  • All expert opinions which have been formed shall be respected (land-care planning contribution, emissions assessment, urban development assessment) in the construction of the development plan

  • The topographical situation shall be observed as well as the external image by adopting a control standard that regulates the height of construction.

  • Consistent interpretation of the urban development plan with regard to the grading of height and the formation of the entire park.

  • Buildings are to blend with surroundings and building sites are to be sufficiently greened.

  • Collection, run-off and infiltration of surface water in green sites.

Urban Development Concept

  • Traffic Access

The planned area can be accessed via highway 61 and L 236. Two junctions with left-turn lanes coming from K29, lead onto L 236. Within the site, individual locations will be accessible via ring roads and branch roads. It will be possible to eliminate street and branching ends by implementing T- or circle-shaped turning sites, which will offer larger units of land, without compromising overall access. This type of change would also call for a change in the development plan.

The public traffic areas will be 12 m or 10 m wide so that should two trailer trucks of EAE í95 width (5.50 m) pass any certain point at the same time, there will be enough room for sidewalks on each side as well as parking sites and street plantings.

  • Water and Sewage

There is a necessity for a sewage system to be built that will transfer waste water to the treatment plant in Guldental.

For rainwater the construction of a drainage system is planned, in conformity with the State Water Resources Act of Rhineland Palatinate.

The drainage ditches are 3 m in width and pass into 20-meter-wide green areas. The only occasion to use pipe is to cross under roadways. The rainwater will then be directed to various basins that partly located in RWE cable protection zones and partly located in green areas.

In addition, the use of rainwater which collects on development sites is also possible without provision in the development plan. Green areas can be planned for this.

  • Development

Development is planned in sites zoned for commercial and service-oriented businesses (GE) , in conformity with ß 8 of the BauNVO, and for industrial-based businesses (GI), in conformity with § 9 of the BauNVO. Provisions have been made for establishment of businesses that will not create a substantial burden on the surrounding area. Zoning is strictly enforced.

Construction of sports facilities will be allowed only on the basis of exception. Facilities for purposes of religion, cultural or social events as well as health are essentially prohibited. The reason behind these limitations lies in the lack of economic significance of such organizations to contribute to the development of a commercial park which will serve a state-wide function.

Retention of specified building heights with be enforced through the standardization of the following eave heights: 8 m, 11 m and 15 m, in conformity with the urban development appraisal reports. The only exceptions will be for high-bay storage units, silos, etc. of 25 m.

The maximum allowed building area of a lot is 60%80 %. Constructions with higher density values will be located in the center of the park.

In conformity with the trade supervisory office decree on distance, spacing and range, the park will be divided in a way that observes noise levels as prescribed in the report on emission protection. This type of division will ensure that emissions remain within the prescribed limit. Facilities with heavy emissions will be concentrated in the center of the park.

  • Environmental and Natural Protection sites and Land Care

To safeguard environmental and natural protection as well as land-care sites, a planning contribution has been worked out, which has been integrated into the development plan.

The land-care planning contribution comprises the following objectives:

  • Maintain all possible trees and shrubbery in the park

  • Greening of borders in public sites using various types of hedging and copse.

  • Individual tree, hedge, copse and complementary street plantings

  • Tree and hedge plantings in private areas along property perimeters.

  • At least 20 % of lots should be designated as private green sites

  • Retention basins and infiltration gullies that blend with their natural surroundings

  • Provision of interlacing structures to surrounding biotopes in the park

  • Aquatic biotope areas in the cable protection zone


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